Keep it Legal

Getting all your ducks in a row is no small task when it comes to Department of Labor (DOL) regulations and managing your employees.

Non-compliance will cost you – and B I G.

In 2017, 51% of investigations of employer files were initiated by the DOL with 86% of employers found in violation. That’s a significant increase from 2009 and directly in line with DOL target increases.

Wage penalties average $930 per employee – before taxes and penalties.

While most small business owners are still reeling under the burden of new legislation, in 2016 penalties for violations of I-9, ERISA (benefits), and FLSA (overtime & minimum wage) doubled from 2015. Click here for an updated penalty list.

These increased penalties would double the 2015 fine that cost a private firm $600,000 in I-9 violations – the vast majority of which would have been preventable with properly signed or otherwise completed forms. Do you have an extra $1500/employee lying around?

What’s more, your employees know their rights better than you do and have access to free resources that you don’t.

The bottom line: What you don’t know will cost you.

Are you making these 3 common HR errors?

Employment laws are ever changing; compliance with them is more important than ever before, and a penalty from Uncle Sam is more costly than your business can afford.

Enter HR Pathways.

We make it our business to know what you need to know to keep out of hot water. HR Pathways walks you through the critical compliance requirements for job descriptions, I-9s, interviewing, recruiting, hiring, file retention and many aspects of dealing with employees, all while helping you to build a strong-performing team.

Isn’t it time to be proactive? Wouldn’t it be wise to put some of those monies you’d pay out in fines towards making your HR systems strong and productive?