Don’t let HR Regulations cripple your business – we’re here to help.
Introducing HR Pathways

HR Pathways is a guided HR program specifically designed with the busy small business owner in mind. What does the small business owner need to be successful? Watch below.

Our one-year pilot program provides a solid foundation for growth so you can safely manage more employees. The benefits to you as a pilot program member are/include:

  • Direct access to HR experts on a level most small businesses don’t have,
  • Reduced headaches due to HR and employee woes,
  • Increased productivity, and
  • Money saved in fines!

Our easy-to-follow 10-module Guided HR program includes training and mentoring in:

  • Understanding the connection between leadership and HR
  • Recruiting S.T.A.R. employees
  • Writing effective job descriptions
  • I-9 compliance
  • Onboarding new employees
  • Performance management
  • Compensation basics
  • 1099/Contractor vs Employee
  • Overtime
  • Personnel file management
  • FLSA basics
  • Workplace harassment
  • Developing an employee handbook
  • Reasonable accommodation
  • Avoiding discrimination in the workplace
  • Dealing with/managing Poor Performers

Together, building your dream and keeping you legal.

Keep it Legal

Getting all your ducks in a row is no small task when it comes to Department of Labor (DOL) regulations and managing your employees.

Non-compliance will cost you – and B I G.

In 2017, 51% of investigations of employer files were initiated by the DOL with 86% of employers found in violation. That’s a significant increase from 2009 and directly in line with DOL target increases.

Wage penalties average $930 per employee – before taxes and penalties.

While most small business owners are still reeling under the burden of new legislation, in 2016 penalties for violations of I-9, ERISA (benefits), and FLSA (overtime & minimum wage) doubled from 2015. Click here for an updated penalty list.

These increased penalties would double the 2015 fine that cost a private firm $600,000 in I-9 violations – the vast majority of which would have been preventable with properly signed or otherwise completed forms. Do you have an extra $1500/employee lying around?

What’s more, your employees know their rights better than you do and have access to free resources that you don’t.

The bottom line: What you don’t know will cost you.

Are you making these 3 common HR errors?

Employment laws are ever changing; compliance with them is more important than ever before, and a penalty from Uncle Sam is more costly than your business can afford.

Enter HR Pathways.

We make it our business to know what you need to know to keep out of hot water. HR Pathways walks you through the critical compliance requirements for job descriptions, I-9s, interviewing, recruiting, hiring, file retention and many aspects of dealing with employees, all while helping you to build a strong-performing team.

Isn’t it time to be proactive? Wouldn’t it be wise to put some of those monies you’d pay out in fines towards making your HR systems strong and productive?

Build Your Dream

What is your D R E A M ?

Great HR is about so much more than avoiding Department of Labor (DOL) fines. It’s about implementing effective leadership and smart decision-making in your organization.

As a decision maker in a small business, you need a program that speaks to both the in-charge person as well as the paper pusher (even if you’re both)!

Our Leadership Module is the cornerstone of our program.

Yes, avoiding fines is critical to your business. But, we believe that it is equally as important to develop strong leadership that permeates every aspect of your HR program and helps you to achieve your dream.

This is why we begin with leadership and build upon this framework.

Let’s face it – HR can be pretty complex. At times the rules can seem to thwart your dreams.
But HR done right, with leadership at the forefront, can bring your dreams to life.

The HR Pathways Leadership Module focuses on four key principles from Bob Scribner’s The Leadership Model:

  • Purpose
  • Management
  • Professional/Technical Skills
  • Lifestyle

We refer back to the Module on Leadership throughout the program. Whether it’s developing job descriptions, recruiting employees, or even filling out those pesky I-9’s, all HR functions tie into your leadership strategy.

This balanced focus sets HR Pathways apart from the rest.

Compliance + Organizational Performance is the formula to set your small business on the winning path!

Take the Leap

The time is now for you to take the leap and secure the future of your business.

We are thrilled to introduce the one-year HR Pathways Pilot with 10 Modules that will cover a mixture of topics relating to organizational performance and employment law compliance.

The Benefits

Online on-demand delivery
Homework/to do lists/customizable templates
Monthly individual consulting with HR experts to clarify materials

The Topics

Understanding how leadership undergrids Creating your recruitment process
Establishing a “Quality of Work Life” Creating your onboarding process
Writing effective job descriptions Handbook & policy guidelines
Compensation basics Performance management
Personnel file management Workplace harassment
I-9 compliance FLSA basics

Ready to take the leap?

Another option, our HR Jumpstart package, includes:

Understanding Leadership and HR Recruiting S.T.A.R. employees
Writing effective Job Descriptions Creating your Onboarding Process

The Benefits

Online on-demand delivery of 4 modules
Homework/to do lists/templates
Monthly individual face to face time with HR consulting experts to clarify materials
On-demand delivery with monthly group sessions (Columbia MO)

Register for HR Jumpstart here!

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