Build Your Dream

What is your D R E A M ?

Great HR is about so much more than avoiding Department of Labor (DOL) fines. It’s about implementing effective leadership and smart decision-making in your organization.

As a decision maker in a small business, you need a program that speaks to both the in-charge person as well as the paper pusher (even if you’re both)!

Our Leadership Module is the cornerstone of our program.

Yes, avoiding fines is critical to your business. But, we believe that it is equally as important to develop strong leadership that permeates every aspect of your HR program and helps you to achieve your dream.

This is why we begin with leadership and build upon this framework.

Let’s face it – HR can be pretty complex. At times the rules can seem to thwart your dreams.
But HR done right, with leadership at the forefront, can bring your dreams to life.

The HR Pathways Leadership Module focuses on four key principles from Bob Scribner’s The Leadership Model:

  • Purpose
  • Management
  • Professional/Technical Skills
  • Lifestyle

We refer back to the Module on Leadership throughout the program. Whether it’s developing job descriptions, recruiting employees, or even filling out those pesky I-9’s, all HR functions tie into your leadership strategy.

This balanced focus sets HR Pathways apart from the rest.

Compliance + Organizational Performance is the formula to set your small business on the winning path!